PEACOCK PRIDE: What would a win mean for St. Peter's? We hear from Coach Holloway and KC Ndefo

It’s just one more day until Saint Peter's takes on Purdue in Philadelphia. The Peacocks were asked this afternoon what a win would mean for them.
"It'd be tremendous, unbelievable. Not just for New Jersey but just for the tri-state area period. To have a team representing in the Elite 8 ... something that you think of doing as a head coach,” says Head coach Shaheen Holloway. “It’s hard to get to this point, so when you here you just got to keep working to get further and further."
The Peacocks were seeded 15th in the NCAA Tournament this year. 
“Being the underdogs and being doubted is what we thrive off of, and we are trying to just keep that mindset and keep doing what we're doing,” says forward KC Ndefo.
A No. 15 seed has never made it to the Elite 8.