St. Peter’s University celebrates 150th anniversary with ‘St. Peter’s Day’

After all its basketball success, St. Peter’s University still has a lot more to celebrate.
Wednesday marked the university’s 150th anniversary. The day is also known as “St. Peter’s Day.”
The school was founded in 1872 as a men-only institution, with just 77 students.
St. Peter’s is now providing opportunities for men and women across the globe, and is showing the world what Jersey City is made of.
"I think that our motto, ‘Opportunity for generations,' says it all. If you work hard, we'll give you every chance to succeed,” says Eileen Poiani, special assistant to the university president.
The university collects donations for its departments, programs and scholarship funds on each St. Peter’s Day.
The university will match the first $150,000 raised this year.