Like a dream: St. Peter’s basketball players bask in newfound popularity amid NCAA run

The St. Peter’s University men’s basketball team will attempt to keep their NCAA tournament momentum alive when they play Purdue in a Sweet 16 game on Friday.
Meanwhile, the players are enjoying their time in the national spotlight as they advance further than most people thought they would.
"I don't know if I ever dreamed of this. This is something kids dream about when they're young. Just living in this opportunity is amazing,” says forward KC Ndefo.
The COVID-19 pandemic cost the team about a month of their season. Yet they managed to fight back as the underdogs everyone else needed.
“There’s been a lot of dark times. It’s been really, really down. Right now, it’s a breath of fresh air,” says head coach Shaheen Holloway.
And his players are breathing in that fresh air.
“I am enjoying it. I look forward to keeping the experience going” says guard Dough Edert.
Edhert has been basking in the glow of becoming an internet sensation for his facial hair. But this doesn’t happen unless the team can bring it on game day. And these players are doing it.
“There’s always upsets and stuff. But I feel like what we’re doing is really special,” says Edhert.
A pep rally is scheduled for Wednesday at St. Peter’s before the team heads out to Philadelphia to play Purdue.