Peacock fever takes Jersey City by storm ahead of St. Peter’s Sweet 16 game

Excitement for the Peacocks men’s basketball game against Purdue in the Sweet 16 is building across New Jersey. This can particularly be felt in Jersey City, where St. Peter's is located.
Signs of support for the Peacocks are showing up all around the city, from McGinley Square to Journal Square. And it is not just literal signs.
For the most die-hard fans, Seven Souls Tattoo Parlor has created a design for those who want to commit to a lifetime of St. Peter’s support.
“We have one for St. Peter’s – their mascot, the peacock,” says shop manager Erin Heslin. “We will see a lot more people coming in – eating around the area. That will bring us more business, just with more people coming into downtown Jersey City.”
Departed Souls Brewing Company on Bay Street is decked out for the team. It is among the many businesses planning a watch party for Friday’s game.
“First and foremost, it’s Jersey pride and Jersey City pride,” says owner Brian Kulbacki. “There’s just such a unique belief in this town.”
The brewery created the beer “Busted Bracket” within 48 hours of the win over Kentucky.
“It’s a peacock shoving a basketball in the face of a wildcat,” Kulbacki says.
He says the brewery will rename another beer in honor of the team if they should advance in the tournament.
“Next week we have an 8% IPA. which we will rename Elite 8% IPA. And hopefully, we get to keep it going,” Kulbacki says.
Departed Souls was chosen by The Athletic as the local beer to represent St. Peters in its NCAA March Madness beer guide. The brewery is considering renaming one of its stout beers "Sweet 16 Stout."