O’Scanlon proposes law to make it illegal to send NJ drivers out-of-state tickets

The bill would put a stop to red light cameras targeting New Jersey drivers out of state.

Jim Murdoch

Mar 25, 2024, 9:47 PM

Updated 62 days ago


Remember those dreaded red light and speed cameras? Other states still use them and if you're caught outside of New Jersey, you'll be mailed a ticket.
A new bill introduced by state Sen. Declan O’Scanlon would put a stop to that.
“It's about stopping these corrupt companies from getting their hands in our pockets and stealing our residents' hard-earned money,” O’Scanlon said.
O'Scanlon led the charge a decade ago against automated tickets from cameras - and now he's fighting again.
“This new bill would stop our [state Motor Vehicle Commission] and any other state agency from divulging identifying information to these camera companies when they come looking for it,” he said.
States like New York and Pennsylvania use them. Speed or run a red light there, and you can receive a violation in the mail. The new bill is cosponsored by state Senate President Nick Scutari. O'Scanlon says the bill would make it illegal to target New Jersey drivers out of state. Some New Jersey residents say they think the bill is a good idea.
“I think the whole program didn't work to begin with and it was proven not to work, so I don't see why other states should do it and I like New Jersey sticking up for us,” said Richard Cooper, of Red Bank.
“I don't want them to know my information. I think it's a good thing that they're trying to put through in New Jersey,” added Maxine Klatsky, of Colts Neck.
O’Scanlon says studies show cameras have no impact on traffic safety.
“We've looked at every one of the 50 states. If red light and speed cameras improved safety, the states with red light speed cameras would be at the top of the safety ratings. They are not,” he said.
This bill was just introduced last week. O'Scanlon says his goal is to get it to the state Assembly by June, and on the governor's desk by year's end.

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