Officials: Dozens of students exposed to contaminated milk cartons

Dozens of children and at least one adult were exposed to contaminated milk cartons, according to the Camden County Department of Health.
Officials say that the children ingested milk from sealed cartons that may have been contaminated with a substance that had an antiseptic-like odor.
It was determined that the contamination likely came from a non-toxic sanitizing product used in the manufacturing and packaging of the milk.
Officials say that children from the Early Childhood Development Center and Riletta Twyne Cream Early Childhood Development Center in the city of Camden were exposed. More than 30 students were taken to the hospital or checked out on scene by medical professionals.
“This was a scary situation but thankfully, everyone who was exposed to the milk is in stable condition and either back at school or home,” Camden County Health Officer Paschal Nwako said in a statement. “This investigation is ongoing, and our department will get to the bottom of this situation.”
Officials say that four schools have been impacted by the incident.
The school district will be pulling all the milk and will suspend distribution until the investigation is complete.
Anyone who may have been exposed or ingested the milk, is urged to call the Camden County Health Department at 856-549-0530.