Officials cancel implosion of Nabisco tower in Fair Lawn

Officials announced Monday that a planned implosion of the former Nabisco plant tower in Fair Lawn has been canceled.
Residents in Fair Lawn and Glen Rock have not been informed of what the next steps are as far as how the demolition will happen or when. What’s also on the table right now is the construction of a warehouse at the site.
"After extensive dialogue with local communities and businesses, Greek Development has made the decision not to implode the remaining portion of the Nabisco Tower,” Greek Development officials wrote in a statement.
The company says that it will “utilize an alternative method of demolition that does not include the use of any explosives.”
The developers met with the community Monday night to discuss what will happen next.
“Mechanically, it will be taken down, which I think it will be safer. It is what they did to the other part of the building,” says John Mulholland, president of the Iris Circle Homeowner’s Association.
The tower was originally set to implode on April 15 but was postponed a few times due to permit issues.
People who live near the former plant have also expressed concerns about dangerous materials that may still be left inside the building. They said that they were worried that the implosion would bring those materials down on their homes and the surrounding community.
Greek Development says, “We will utilize an alternative method of demolition that does not include the use of any explosives. Ownership is proceeding to undertake the additional time and expense to ensure the well-being and peace of mind of the surrounding residents."
Fair Lawn officials say that now there will be a 644,000-square-foot warehouse on the site.
There isn’t a set date for the beginning of the new construction, as it is still pending approval.