Officials: 5-alarm fire damages multiple homes in Elizabeth

Crews are still working in what has been an active scene since early Sunday afternoon. Bitter cold temperatures are absolutely not helping at all tonight.
Four homes have been hit by these flames and the Red Cross says among the at least 19 families displaced by the fire, that totals to 58 people displaced overall.
Those who have been displaced have been bused to a near-by school that is being used as a reception center.
21-year-old Nyleejah Holmes, her mom, grandma, 4 little sisters, little cousin all live in the home where the fire started along with another family. She says thankfully everyone's okay.
"I have nothing. Nothing to go home to. My sisters don't have nothing to go home to, my mom, my grandmother, like we don't have nothing," says Holmes.
Communications Director of the New Jersey Red Cross, Diane Concannon says, "We will provide assistance as needed. Emergency assistance as needed like temporary lodging, food, clothing, or determining what the next steps are depending on how many people are displaced by the fire."
Nyleejah suspects the fire started in the back of the house.
Her plan now is to start a gofundme page to help her family. "I'm upset. I really want to cry honestly I really wanna cry right now but I'm just trying to not really be too sad about it cause I wasn't there and I didn't lose my life."