Officials: 343 accidents, 358 traffic-related deaths so far this year

There is a rise in traffic deaths already this year, officials say. The state is reporting hundreds of crashes and fatalities from the start of this year to now.
“It's just not safe you know, for children, really nobody,” says Robert Wilson, of Georgia.
Wilson, who drives in the New Jersey/New York area, has noticed more accidents lately on his morning commute. 
So far this year, that there have been 343 accidents and 358 deaths -- as of Tuesday. 
When looking at the year-to-date comparison from the past two years, fatalities have gone up from 274 in 2020, then 305 in 2021, and this year now at 358.
The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reports it has been seeing more hot car deaths in recent years. Motorists are advised to take extra precaution on that front when children and animals are in the car. 
The state also recommends taking a defensive driver course, which could be a good refresher and reminder of changing bad driving habits. If you pass, some car insurances give you a discount.