"It was a nightmare in there." Animal rescuer describes bulls found living in deplorable conditions in Riverhead

Three bulls were rescued last week after they were found living in deplorable conditions in Riverhead, said John Di Leonardo, president and executive director of Humane Long Island.
"We were called in by the District Attorney's Office to remove more than 100 animals from the property and one of the geese flew the coop, so we went on to this adjacent property um to try to catch the goose." said Di Leonardo.
When rescuers went after that goose, Di Leonardo said they also found three bulls. He said the bulls were found on a property next to a slaughterhouse that News 12 first reported on two weeks ago. It's where prosecutors say Carlos Lauro, 76, shot two dogs in the head with a rifle.
Di Leonardo said the bulls, named Steve, Artie, and Robert are going to be taken to a 336-acre vegan sanctuary and preserve in New Jersey.
"These animals, once bound to a life of cruelty and slaughter, have now been emancipated. We thank all the rescues from Long Island and beyond that have aided in their rescue and rehoming. While we never look forward to the next cruelty situation, we at least take comfort in the knowledge that we have efficient and energetic rescues as our partners." said Suffolk County district attorney Ray Tierney.