NJ representatives help mother get answers about son's death

The family of a college student who died of heat stroke while playing football is getting help from all 12 of New Jersey’s members of Congress to get answers.
Braeden Bradforth died nine months ago while at football practice at Garden City Community College in Kansas.
Bradforth’s mother Joanne Atkins-Ingram says that she has not received any answers as to the circumstances surrounding her son’s death. Teammates have told her that Bradforth wasn’t allowed to have any water while doing sprints.
The teammates also said that after he was found collapsed outside his dorm, coaches waited 20 minutes before calling an ambulance.
“I still need to know what happened to my son,” Atkins-Ingram says.
Lawmakers have now sent a letter to the president of the college demanding an external investigation into the death. Atkins-Ingram says that she hopes that the pressure works.
“Clearly they have seen that Jersey is strong,” she says, adding, “If there was no wrongdoing, this is just so simple. Just tell us what happened.”
Attorney Jill Greene says that if this pressure from Washington does not get Atkins-Ingram a sit-down with the college president, they will file a lawsuit.