NJ Dept. of Health: White House provided names of 206 people who attended events at Trump's Bedminster club

The state Department of Health says the White House has provided the names of 206 people who attended fundraiser events last week at President Donald Trump's Bedminster club before the president's COVID-19 diagnosis was announced.
The DOH says it has "reached out to these individuals to make them aware of possible exposure and recommend that they self-monitor for symptoms and quarantine if they were in close contact with the president and his staff."
The department says the Somerset County Health Department is interviewing staff members of the club and "assessing the level of contact they had with the president and his staff and providing public health recommendations accordingly." It says the majority of staff reside in Somerset County.
The state health department says the contact tracing process is ongoing. "Attendees that are seeking a test should consider waiting at least 5-7 days from the event. While the risk is low, a negative test earlier than that time cannot definitively rule out that COVID-19 will not develop."
It says those who are concerned that they were in close contact should quarantine for 14 days. New Jersey officials have been informed that the federal government is also conducting contact tracing.