New York Highway Patrol stationed on highways as Maine mass shooter still at large

The New York Highway Patrol has been stationed on all highways throughout the state for cautionary measures following the Maine mass shooting.
Police say they currently have not tracked any signs of the shooter to be in New York. His vehicle has not been spotted in state limits either. The NYPD has deployed approximately 900 officers to entry points and sensitive locations around the five boroughs as the search continues for 40-year-old Robert Card. 
Law enforcement officials say that they have been in touch with local and federal law enforcement partners as well as Amtrak, the MTA, and Port Authority. 
“As more details began to emerge and the magnitude of the violence became clear, we made the decision to start marshalling our resources. Granted there was no specific credible threat to NYC, but to me we could not remain idle," said NYC police commissioner Edward Caban. 
According to the NYPD's Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counteterrorism, there do not appear to be any political or ideological connections to this shooting incident.
The suspect is accused of fatally shooting 16 people at a restaurant and bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine on Wednesday and fled after.