New Jersey’s plastic bag ban begins. Here’s what you need to know on the first day

New Jersey’s plastic bag ban is now in effect, and there were plenty of opinions and reactions outside the Stop & Shop in Edison on Wednesday.
“It’s an adjustment ... You have to buy them, but it is what it is,” says Judy Robinson.
Wawa was giving away one free reusable bag on Wednesday. Stop & Shop did the same Tuesday. Joe Persells, of Metuchen, says he wasn’t aware of the ban but supports it. 
“It kind of caught me off guard, but it’s not so bad,” says Persells. “I bought eight bags, didn’t take too long. It’s OK.”
The ban also includes paper bags at grocery stores and Styrofoam products at all locations.
Paper bags will still be allowed at non-grocery stores, such as boutiques and bodegas. Any store that’s 2,500 square feet or larger will be prohibited from selling or giving out single-use plastic bags, including big box stores with grocery sections like Target and Walmart. 
Styrofoam will be banned at all business types. If you don’t adhere to the Styrofoam ban, you’ll get a warning to start.
Food pantries at churches and nonprofits will get a six-month reprieve from the bag ban to help make the transition.