New Jersey officials double down fight against MTA’s congestion pricing plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority board overwhelmingly voted to approve its congestion pricing plan.
This means that drivers entering 60th Street and below in Manhattan will have to pay a toll. This is known as Manhattan’s Central Business District.
• Passenger vehicles would be charged $15. • Motorcycles would be charged $7.50. • Taxis face a $1.25 Surcharge per ride. The same policy applies to Uber, Lyft and other rideshare drivers, but their surcharge will be $2.50. • Trucks would be charged anywhere from $24-$36 depending on size.
This latest development is not sitting well with New Jersey officials, who say that New Jersey residents will feel the brunt of this fee.
"I was hoping New York was going to wake up and say and decide they did not want to hurt families, lead to more pollution, more traffic and not want to hurt their own small businesses," said Rep. Josh Gottheimer.
Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich says this was a horrible decision. Fort Lee is home to the George Washington Bridge. Sokolich says more people will head to the bridge to avoid paying the extra tolls at the Lincoln and Holland tunnels.
“The health impact this is going to have on especially sensitive communities like Fort Lee…I am now looking at a 20% increase in traffic,” the mayor said.
So, what is next for New Jersey?
"We got two lawsuits…The governor of New Jersey is suing because of the pollution the MTA predicted is going to build into New York," said Gottheimer.
"Our lawsuit stopping congestion pricing is a high hill to climb but it is only fair there will be some compensation or remedy for the inevitable health consequences," said Sokolich.
Drivers would only be charged to enter the zone, not to leave it or stay in it. And will only have to pay it once per day. Doesn't matter if you come in and out multiple times.