New Jersey man searches for father last seen just north of Gaza before Hamas attack

An Israeli man from Camden County is searching for his father, who was in Israel Saturday morning when the Hamas invasion began.
Igor Kimenfeld says that the only option for him was to fly into danger to bring his father home.
"He called to tell him he's going into a shelter because there's sirens, and since then we didn't have contact with him,” Kimenfeld says.
He says his father Danil was fishing on a beach just north of Gaza Saturday morning.
"He went there with a friend. They're both missing right now...There's no signs of struggle by his car," Kimenfeld says. "At this point, I really hope he's kidnapped, in one piece at least."
He says that all he has is hope that his father is still alive and among the 150 hostages Hamas has taken.
“So far, his DNA did not match any of the bodies,” Kimenfeld says.
He says that his family is praying and waiting by the phone.
"I'm getting a lot of phone calls from his phone, from his colleagues, and they're all crying and supporting us,” Kimenfeld says.
This comes as the war intensifies.
"Hamas should be destroyed from the face of the Earth, as well as Hezbollah and all the other terrorist organizations that are assisting right now,” Kimenfeld says. "I wish this would open people's eyes.”
For now, he says he is just praying that his father survives.