Law enforcement around state on high alert with former Hamas leader threatening 'global day of Jihad'

Law enforcement around the state is on high alert today, especially around houses of worship—the result of the war between Israel and Hamas.
In the six days since the war started, tensions have been high in communities around the country. But now, with a global call to jihad by a former Hamas leader, there is fear of violence, especially against the Jewish community. Police departments like Perth Amboy are taking no chances.
“Today we don’t have any specific tangible threats that we’ve received,” says Perth Amboy Police Chief Larry Cattano. “However, we are hypervigilant in those areas, and we have increased patrols since Oct. 7.”
In West Windsor, they also increased patrols this week and took other measures.
“We have bomb-detecting K-9s that have gone and checked the facilities for any types of explosives,” says West Winsdor Lt. Jeffrey Lai. “And they did that this morning.”
But he says it’s not just confined to synagogues and mosques.
“We’re also checking all houses of worship due to the threats,” he says. “We have marked units and unmarked units going throughout the schools.”
Gov. Phil Murphy and the attorney general say there are no direct threats to the state. The governor posted on X, saying he spoke to the FBI. "New Jerseyans can rest assured that law enforcement partners are working around the clock to ensure everyone’s safety," he wrote.
Law enforcement is also urging people to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings and to report anything suspicious to police.