New Jersey man celebrates his 105th birthday

Friends and family gathered Wednesday to celebrate the life of one of New Jersey’s oldest residents.
George Roth celebrated his 105th birthday at The Chelsea at Montville senior assisted living facility.
Roth says that love from family, humor and a “never-give-up attitude” are what allow him to live so long.
“It was a loveable family. We hated each other but nobody knew it,” Roth joked. “I brought up three wonderful boys.”
Roth then looked over at one of his sons. “He made me say that,” Roth said.
Roth is a World War II veteran who never graduated high school. He worked his way up from salesman to owner of Spiral Binding Company – the first mechanical binding company in the United States.
“I worked myself up from nobody to somebody,” Roth said. “I always felt I was in the right place at the right time and was able to take advantage of it. That’s all I could tell you.”
Two other centenarians celebrated their birthdays at The Chelsea Wednesday. Eleanor Ferrara turned 101 and Dorothy DePietro turned 105.