New Jersey has chances for rain on Thursday and Friday

Sunny and dry weather will be coming to an end in New Jersey.
Storm Watch Team meteorologists say that rain is expected on Thursday and Friday.
THURSDAY: Clouds linger all day with spotty sprinkles after 9 a.m. Isolated showers increase after 2 p.m., lasting until 5 p.m. Highs near 78. Overnight lows near 69.
FRIDAY: A “weather to watch” day. Cloudy with a line of showers and thunderstorms arriving around 5 a.m. First round exits around 7:30 a.m. Another push of isolated showers near 8 or 9 a.m. Conditions clear up towards the late morning/afternoon. Highs near 82. Lows near 69.
SATURDAY: Some showers could drift into the early half of the weekend. Mostly dry and seasonal. Highs near 84. Lows near 68.
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy. Temperatures cool slightly to the mid-70s. Overnight lows around 66.