New Jersey expected to be spared most of Ian’s impact, but communities are prepared

As Hurricane Ian heads north, New Jersey could see some sort of impact by the weekend.

News 12 Staff

Sep 30, 2022, 2:21 AM

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As Hurricane Ian heads north, New Jersey could see some sort of impact by the weekend.
One of the areas along the Jersey Shore that could see some impact is Long Beach Island. The town of Harvey Cedars has two highwater rescue vehicles at its disposal. Emergency management leaders don't expect to have to use it this weekend, but it's ready if the time comes.
Areas along the Jersey Shore south of Seaside Heights are expected to see some strong winds, rain and rough ocean conditions this weekend due to the hurricane’s remnants. But residents don’t seem overly concerned.
“We’re used to dealing with remnants of hurricanes around here and nor’easters this time of year,” says Matt Nichols, owner of Northside Bar and Grill.
New Jersey is expected to be spared from the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Ian as it tracks north. But residents on LBI say they are ready for the rain, wind and possible power outages over the weekend.
“I don’t think the storm will be anything to be concerned about, but we are aware,” says Harvey Cedars Police Chief Robert Burnaford. “Watch your local news, pay attention to the local authorities.”
Harvey Cedar emergency management leaders recommend moving cars off the street in low lying areas and securing items that could blow away in the wind. Businesses like Northside Bar & Grill in Surf City will start preparing soon.
"We are used to battening down the hatches. We will turn over all the chairs, turnover the tables, group the chairs together and huddled them up to make room so we're not as impacted by the winds as much as they are,” says Nichols.
Harvey Cedars emergency management leaders say they make sure they are fully staffed, all generators are fueled up, and emergency vehicles are on standby.
But one of the biggest concerns is beach erosion.
"We're always worried about beach erosion. We battle that on a daily basis. Now seeing that we're gonna have a few days of this northeast 25-30 mph winds, that is something that we are concerned about,” says Burnaford.
Officials want to remind people to stay out of the water at least for the next few days as the weather moves through

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