Mysterious Central Jersey welcome sign pops up - and then vanishes

The issue of Central Jersey is a hot topic statewide -- Where are its borders? Does it even exist? But an actual sign recently added a new twist to the debate.
News 12's Brian Donohue was driving on Route 33 in Millstone when he saw a sign on the side of the road that made him do a double take -- "Welcome to Central Jersey." It wasn't anything spray-painted, it was a real, metal sign.
Donohue wondered if it was the response to the claim by social media users who believed New Jersey is simply comprised of north and south, and think central doesn't exist? Nothing creates a need to express identity more than other people denying a given group's identity -- leading to things like a Facebook group called "Central Jersey Exists" and a proclamation from the governor that it does indeed exist.
So who put up the sign? A spokesman for the state's Department of Transportation said they're not sure, but it wasn't from the state. Two days after Donohue talked to the DOT, the sign was taken down.
So is there a guerrilla Central Jersey Welcoming Committee? Are they planning more action? We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled.