‘My heart was racing.’- Bronx veteran delivers newborn daughter

A Bronx veteran, who served in the Navy for many years, says delivering his newborn daughter has been his best assignment to date. 
Deshawn Wade says his wife Suzanne was scheduled to be induced on Monday at 6 a.m., but that little Anessa had other plans. 
“My heart was racing, but I was calm,” said Wade. 
“I was already in kneeling position over the tub, he said, 'I don't see anything,' I said 'Look!' That's when he went and saw i was crowning,” said Wade. 
Wade says he called his mother, but there was no answer, so he dialed 911. 
He says the birth took less than five minutes. 
“He did a really good job, he was so supportive giving me encouraging words,” said Suzanne, Wade’s wife. 
Both mom and baby are doing fine. The couple says their 5-year-old daughter was almost delivered in a hospital bathroom. 
The Bronx dad says nothing in the Navy quite prepared him for delivering his own child, something he says he had always dreamt of.