Don’t be ‘salty.’ These are the most popular slang words in 2023

As parents try to keep up with Generation Z words, an online language tutoring company released a guide to the most popular slang terms of 2023 to help those unfamiliar with modern slang — no cap.
Preply surveyed over 600 parents in the U.S. to see what slang words were the most popular among their teens.
“Sus” ranked at the top of the list. Preply says it’s a term that became popular from a 2018 game “Among Us.”
Nearly 3 in 5 parents say they have Googled a slang term after seeing or hearing their teen use it, the survey says.
According to Preply, the terms most parents say they understand are “salty” (70%), “bougie” (67%), “sus” (65%), “bet” (63%) and “extra” (62%).
The most popular slang terms of 2023 include:
  • Sus
  • Bet
  • Yeet
  • Salty
  • Cap
  • Extra
  • Bussin'
Bougie and Drip also made the list. And Bussin’ was the top slang term that parents hate the most, according to the survey.