Monroe police warn residents after series of brazen burglaries

The Monroe Township Police Department is warning the town’s residents to be alert and use caution following a series of brazen burglaries on the north side of town.
Police say that a group of five suspects went around the neighborhood checking for unlocked vehicles. They ransacked some of the vehicles and even used the garage door openers inside of the vehicles to gain access to several homes.
Police believe that the suspects arrived in a stolen car. They drove off after being confronted by one of the homeowners.
“We would like to take this time again to remind our residents about locking your car doors! In almost all motor vehicle burglaries, the vehicles were left unlocked,” police said in a statement. “Let’s work together- report suspicious activity immediately to law enforcement.”
Police are reminding residents not to keep car windows or sunroofs open, to take their car keys and fobs inside with them, and to not leave any valuables inside of their vehicles.
Anyone who may have information about the crimes is asked to call 732-521-0222 ext. 514.