Asbury Park preps for possibility of significant flooding from incoming storm

Crews in Asbury Park are preparing for a storm that will bring snow and the threat of coastal flooding to the area.
A winter storm warning is in effect for Monmouth County and other places around the shore.
Monmouth County road crews already loaded brine and salt onto trucks to treat 1,000 miles of county roads to keep roads safe for drivers.
Snow is only part of the concern on the Jersey Shore. A coastal flood warning is in effect for parts of Middlesex, Ocean, Burlington and Monmouth counties.
Low-lying areas and those near the shoreline and waterways could be inundated with as much as 1 to 2 feet of water above ground level. With the possibility of rain, wind and high tide, bodies of water like Wesley Lake in Asbury Park have the potential to fill up quickly overflowing into nearby roads.
"These empty out into the ocean so if the ocean is high it doesn't have the ability to flow into the ocean as quickly as it normally would so it's kind of a triple threat type of thing," says Asbury Park's beach safety supervisor Joe Bongiovanni.
With surf potentials at 8 to 10 feet community leaders say people should stay away from the beach.
"We will have some beach erosion. We always have it with the northeast wind. We've taken some precautions with that if you notice on the beach front, we have a double row of snow fence there which prevents the sand from blowing on the boardwalk and also creates a temporary dune there that raises the beach up a little bit," says Bongiovanni.
The coastal flood warning is in effect until 5 p.m. Tuesday.
Leaders also recommend moving cars away from low-lying, flood0prone areas near the shoreline or waterways during the storm.