Monmouth County police patrols to crack down on distracted driving

The effort is part of the “Goal Zero” program and begins Thursday night.

Tom Krosnowski

May 30, 2024, 12:22 AM

Updated 14 days ago


It’s been a dangerous year on the roads. According to New Jersey State Police data, fatalities are up 22% year-to-date in 2024. More of the crashes have come in Monmouth County than anywhere else.
Drivers will see an increased police presence driving through Monmouth County Thursday night. It’s part of a police initiative to crack down on distracted driving.
“The routes that travelers may take to get to the beach, that's what we're going to be focusing on,” said Wall Township Police Chief Sean O’Halloran.
State police have recorded fatal crashes along Routes 18, 33, 34, 35 and 36 in the last five months. Those highways are among the roads drivers can expect to see police patrolling Thursday night in greater numbers.
“We are participating in the Goal Zero program which was started by Patrolman Matt Menosky in Holmdel, and it's been a huge success,” O’Halloran said. “It helps bring awareness to how dangerous distracted driving or aggressive driving can be.”
Holmdel police said that more than 30 departments joined in the first High Visibility Enforcement night in April. Together, they made more than 500 stops - many for the same reasons.
“What we're seeing a lot of is, the cause is from distracted driving,” O’Halloran said. “The No. 1 thing that goes without saying is - put the phone down.”
Deadly New Jersey car crashes rose in 2021 before declining again. Pedestrian fatalities have also risen.
“Every day we're out there and our main goal is just to keep the public safe,” O’Halloran said. “Make sure people get from point A to point B safely, and make sure that they get to spend time with their loved ones.”

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