Miracle League of Mercer County gets a second chance with new baseball field

The Miracle League of Mercer County brings together around 200 families.

Nick Meidanis and Lanette Espy

Aug 22, 2023, 5:03 PM

Updated 298 days ago


Construction has begun to fix a baseball field in Hamilton dedicated to kids and adults with special needs four months after it was damaged by a tornado.
A tornado in April pushed back the start of the season for the Miracle League of Mercer County. Bleachers, a fence and turf were all damaged. The athletes can't just play around the damage on the field. The surfaces are made for wheelchairs and walkers. Families say being here makes a difference.
The league, that has been going on for almost 20 years, brings together around 200 families. Even when they’re not playing — it’s about time spent together.
Dan Sczweck, executive director of the Miracle League, says "the No. 1 goal we always have with Miracle League is to give our kids and young adults opportunities to enjoy their lives, form friendships, to be active."
Donors have stepped up to cover the cost of the field, but the league says more is needed. The group is hoping for a grant from the Major League Baseball players union.
Donations for the Miracle League can also be made here.

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