Storms to linger overnight before less humid Monday

New Jersey travelers say high gas prices, traffic won’t deter them from holiday getaway

AAA is projecting a 19-year Memorial Day Weekend travel high, with 91% of it coming by car.

Tom Krosnowski

May 23, 2024, 11:10 AM

Updated 31 days ago


Three-day weekends across New Jersey often mean five days of traffic as people attempt to head out early.
AAA is projecting a 19-year Memorial Day weekend travel high, with 91% of it coming by car. Some drivers told News 12 they were too angry from all the traffic for an interview - but for many, it’s nothing they haven’t seen before.
“I’m hitting some traffic as of late,” said Paul Picinich, of Wall. “It was smooth sailing at first.”
“It’s OK,” said Liz, of West Orange. “It’s expected.”
AAA says more than 1 million New Jersey residents are set to travel for Memorial Day weekend. That’s to say nothing of all those coming to the Garden State for the shore and more.
“The best part is being with family and friends down the shore,” Liz said.
Gas prices around the state are up about a dime per gallon from where they were last year.
“I think I've been fortunate to be thoughtful about the budget for the week, so definitely keeping in mind the gas prices but we’re going to make it work,” Picinich said.
For those traveling by plane, the Federal Aviation Administration projected Thursday as the busiest airline travel day since 2019 and doesn’t expect much of a decline over the coming days.
Travelers are urged to arrive at airports early and to check in with their airlines for the status of their flights.

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