Mayor: Thieves steal lumber set for Habitat for Humanity site

Thieves have stolen lumber that was delivered for a Habitat for Humanity site in a Somerset County town, according to the town’s mayor.
Montgomery Mayor Devra Keenan says that the lumber was stolen either in late January or early February. She says that because of delays in deliveries, the theft wasn’t discovered until recently.
“The site is a little bit off the beaten track. With COVID, it’s a little slower for this project to be here and I think even people coming here. So, I think it took maybe even a few days for it to even be reported,” Keenan says. “They’re doing everything they can do to find who did this.”
Thousands of dollars have been donated to help the site through a GoFundMe page and the local Rotary Club.
Kennan says that anyone who may have information about the theft should call the Montgomery Police Department.