Lincroft 8th-grader can recite 800 digits of Pi

A Monmouth County student is able to wow his classmates by reciting 800 digits in the numerical constant of Pi.
Oak Hill Academy math teacher Rita Cotterell holds an annual Pi contest on March 14 (3/14), otherwise known as Pi Day. Pi’s value is 3.14 followed by an infinite amount of numerals.
Eighth-grader Justin Weber is able to recite Pi better than anyone else in the school, being able to remember over 800 digits.
“What I essentially do is I split them into blocks of 50, then I split those in to five blocks of 10, then I split those up all differently so I can remember them not just for what the digits are, but how they're split up,” Justin says.
The contest is the finale to a day of activities Cotterell holds to commemorate Pi Day. She says that the first year she held the contest a student was only able to recite 125 digits.
“And then Justin arrived and since then, it's just incredible,” she says. “We're all in awe.”
Indian native Ravjeer Meena has the most Pi digits memorized, at 70,000, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.