Lawmakers: US needs to become energy independent to help lower gas prices

Gas prices have gone down a few cents this week – while still being much higher than they were one year ago at this time.
But Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer says that he has a plan to lower prices even more. He says that he wants to tap into domestic oil wells and rely on close allies for oil – not Russia.
The congressman also wants to use more renewable and alternative energies like wind, solar and electric.
Other elected leaders say that the United States should do more to become energy independent.
"Here at home, we are obviously seeing the effects of this war at the pump. One way we can fight back is to boost our own energy independence in the United States. To make life more affordable. To bring oil and gas prices down. And, importantly, to boost cleaner renewable energies,” says state Assemblywoman Lisa Swain.
Lawmakers are also encouraging residents to buy electric vehicles as they invest in charging networks and other infrastructure to reach state clean energy goals.