PUMP PATROL: Average New Jersey gas prices drop a penny. How much are you paying?

Gas prices were down a penny Tuesday across New Jersey, and there are still some stations selling fuel for just under $4 a gallon.   
The Sinclair station in Manalapan on Route is under $4 a gallon. The station is the exception and not the norm in the state, where gas prices are on average around $4.32 a gallon -- down one cent from Monday but still up a nickel from one week ago. 
New Jersey averaged $3.60 a gallon for regular a month ago. The drop in gasoline prices follows the trend of a drop in oil prices. Over the last week, a barrel of oil has come down between $20 and $30. The decreases and increases make their way to the pumps, but some drivers are skeptical they'll see much of a difference any time soon even though oil is falling.  
"I'm afraid with summer coming, the worst is yet to come honestly,” says Bob O'Brien, of Manalapan.
The owner says his next load is coming in cheaper and that he'll be able to drop the prices. Customers who carry a Sinclair card are already getting gas 20 cents cheaper than what's posted.