Lawmakers in Washington to vote on $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. How it could impact you getting to work

Lawmakers in Washington are scheduled to vote today on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.  
The bill passed in the Senate last month, and now House members are expected to vote. But Democratic infighting may prevent a vote today.
This is money that will help get the Gateway Tunnel project under the Hudson River started, which is designed to carry Amtrak and New Jersey Transit trains to and from New York's Penn Station, allowing the existing tubes to be closed to repair damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.
There also would be $1 billion to tear down or cover highways built through largely minority communities, such as Interstate 280.  
Here’s the breakdown:
•    $6.8 billion for highways.
•    $1.1 billion for bridges.
•    $4.1 billion for public transit.
•    $100 million to improve broadband access.
•    $21 billion to clean up gas wells, Superfund sites, and abandoned mines. 
•    $55 billion for a nationwide investment to eliminate lead service lines.
Some specific projects will include $72 million to help complete the $900 million project connecting I-295, I-76 and Route 42 in Camden County.
Amtrak would get $12 billion for new intercity rail service, including plans to connect Scranton, Reading, and Allentown, Pennsylvania to New York, which could take a lot of cars off of New Jersey roadways in the future.