Jury finds man guilty in murder of 20-year-old looking to buy PlayStation for brother

A Mercer County jury has convicted a Trenton man for the murder of a 20-year-old man who was trying to purchase a video game console for his brother.
Akmal Alvaranga, 34, was convicted on all counts, including murder, kidnapping and robbery in the killing of Danny Diaz-Delgado.
Akmal Alvaranga Akmal Alvaranga
The killing happened March 24, 2018. Authorities found Diaz-Delgado face down and unresponsive with his hands tied behind his back and tape around his face. He had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.
The Mercer County prosecutor says that Alvaranga and his co-defendant Rufus Thompson lured Diaz-Delgado to an alley in Trenton under the guise that they were going to sell a PlayStation 4 to Diaz-Delgado for his younger brother.
Danny Diaz-Delgado (GoFundMe) Danny Diaz-Delgado (GoFundMe)
“The two men kidnapped the victim at gunpoint, bound and gagged him, and held him for hours in a Trenton garage before driving him to Hamilton and shooting him nine times in the back,” prosecutor Angelo Onofri said in a statement.
Thompson previously pleaded guilty to the murder and is serving a 45-year prison sentence.
Alvaranga will be sentenced on Sept. 1. He faces life in prison.