Judge rejects lawsuit to keep NJ polls open later following reports of technical problems

Reports of technical issues at polling locations across New Jersey prompted the American Civil Liberties Union and the League of Women Voters to file a lawsuit to keep polls open past 8 p.m.
From the moment polls opened on Tuesday, there were scattered reports of technical issues with voting machines and the new e-polling books. Some voters said that they faced long days or were even turned away.
As the 8 p.m. deadline approached, the ACLU and League petitioned the court to keep polls open an extra 90 minutes. They said that voters would suffer irreparable harm otherwise.
But in the end, Judge William Anklowitz rejected the request and said that trying to keep polls open late on short notice would cause too much upheaval. He also said that there wasn’t enough evidence of technical issues to take such a major step.
“The evidence is not really competent evidence,” Anklowitz said. “All of it is hearsay…something that somebody heard from somebody else.”
ACLU of New Jersey legal director Jeannine LoCicero says she is disappointed with the decision. "Operational issues should not prevent voters from casting a ballot," said LoCicero.