Jersey Proud: Wayne man’s pandemic lawn-mowing effort becomes nationwide endeavor

Brian Schwartz started the organization "I want to mow your lawn."

Matt Trapani and Kurt Siegelin

Sep 20, 2023, 2:52 AM

Updated 208 days ago


An idea born in New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic has become a nationwide effort.
Brian Schwartz called News 12 New Jersey three years ago. The Wayne resident had just been laid off from work and wanted to do something good for others. He began mowing lawns for those who were not able – senior citizens, veterans, the disabled, etc.
Schwartz’s “I want to mow your lawn” effort became a movement. He now oversees around 500 volunteers in 46 states.
“We activated pockets of people everywhere,” says Schwartz.
The group has spruced up 2,000 yards nationwide.
“They’re offering gifts and money. No, it’s voluntary. It’s why we do it. And they just can’t get over that fact sometimes," says volunteer Steve Edgeller.
The effort is also going international. People are interested in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Anyone who would like to volunteer or anyone who needs their lawn mowed can visit the group’s website.

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