Garden State Harmonica Club unites members with love of music

A Bergen County club is bonded by their love for harmonica music.
The Garden State Harmonica Club meets at the Glen Rock Community Church every other Monday.
Bill and his wife Bonnie have been in the club for years doing gigs at libraries and senior centers.
"Our music really relates. We play and pick music that they will be in tune with. The harmonica club has been a big part of our lives,” they said.
It has been an even bigger part of Ralph Viola's life. About to turn 91, he's been in the club for 52 years.
"I think the harmonica saved my life. I was a heavy smoker and heavy drinker. Builds up your lungs. Eighty years I've been with this thing. Long time. It's been good to me,” Viola says.
The club is organized by John McNamara. They are always looking for new members.
More information can be found on the group’s website.