Jersey City council members set to propose flavor e-cig ban

Jersey City is not waiting for the state to ban flavored e-cigarettes.
More than 80% of the vaping products sold at iVape in Jersey City are flavored. City officials are now looking to ban those kinds of products.
Citing statistics that show more kids are vaping because of the fruity or sweet offerings, three Jersey City council members plan to tackle what has been called a nationwide epidemic. Such a ban would make Jersey City the first city in the state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes.
"We have flavors like bubble gum and flavors like fruit punch, things that can be very attractive to children, things that are similar to candy," says Councilwoman Denise Ridley. "The hope is by doing that, we will reduce the risk to our youth here in Jersey City."
The announcement comes just as Juul says it won't sell its popular mint flavor anymore. It had already stopped selling fruity pods. But there are many other companies out there that City Council is targeting.
The council members will introduce legislation at their next meeting next week, and if things go in their favor, those flavored products would be off shelves by the end of this year.