‘It’s been home to so many celebrations’: Weight of heavy snow causes roof collapse of Newark church

The weight of all the heavy snow from Monday’s nor’easter has caused the roof of a 95-year-old church in Newark to collapse.
Pastor Malachi Brantley, Jr. says it’s heartbreaking for the over 300-member congregation at the Shiloh Baptist Church, located at 99 Davenport Ave.
“It’s just hard to believe that such a beautiful structure, it’s been home to so many celebrations and so much worship and such a part of the community is now in ruin,” says Brantley, Jr. 
Only the cornerstone and some of the stained glass that helped make the historic church so special survived after the entire roof collapsed from the weight of all the fresh snow. 
“Beautiful Tiffany stained-glass windows were destroyed and we had them looked at and repaired a couple of years ago and the crafts person told us that they are priceless, you can never get workmanship like that again,” says Brantley, Jr. 
The church was empty when the roof and side wall came crashing down. News 12 is told the neighbor was shoveling snow off his back walk, but was not injured.
While Pastor Brantley talks with his insurance company about rebuilding,
Services will take place just two doors down at the church youth center. Anyone wanting to help Shiloh Baptist get its church rebuilt can contact the church directly.