'I was overcome by a deep sadness.' Rep. Andy Kim weighs in on Capitol violence

Sadness and heartbreak were some of the first emotions that hit Rep. Andy Kim during the lockdown in Washington, D.C.
“I was overcome by a deep sadness for our nation that we are in this kind of situation,” says Kim.
Kim says that there was a prolonged period of time where they didn’t know if they would gain control of what was happening.
“The Capitol building is a temple of our Democracy, and it’s sacred land to me,” says Kim.
When it was all over and the vote to certify the presidential election was complete, Rep. Kim says he grabbed up a trash bag and literally began to pick up the pieces.
“We need to recognize the reality of the situation,” says Kim. “Which is that there are pieces on the floor—and figure out how to pick that up and what we will do with it. We are at a crossroads as a nation right now. We need to decide what path we take.”
Rep. Kim says he is looking forward to being home with his family.