‘I feel like it's not fair’: Passaic BOE bans high school students from raising LGBTQ flag

Some high school students in Passaic are protesting a new policy that bans the LGBTQ pride flag and most other flags from being flown outside schools.
Some students are frustrated, saying banning the pride flag and others from flying is a step backward.
The Board of Education decided the only flags that can be flown outside the city's three public high schools are the American flag, the New Jersey state flag and Passaic school flags. The rest are banned under a new school policy.
"There are some flags that are negative and have negative connotations and they need to be banned, but I think we should address those separately instead of doing a universal ban and having everything being banned at the same time,” says Manuel Cruz.
During Pride Month last June, the district hoisted an LGBTQ flag outside Passaic High School. Now as it stands with this new policy, that would be banned from happening again.
"It just surprised me,” says Wendy Herrera. “I feel like it's not fair, but I feel like they should raise it up to show respect to others."
The district says it enacted the new policy last November. The Board of Education says it was done in the spirit of fairness after some people in the community started questioning board members about who decides what flags to be flown.

"Then, with that problem is you have to put more flags and respect more people's things so it's like, it's not the best idea,” says Camden Carter. “I think it should just be done for June."
News 12 New Jersey did reach out to the school board for a comment and is still waiting to hear back, but board members said at Monday night's meeting that they would continue these conversations with students.