Homeowner: Dog thwarts thieves' attempt to steal $100K BMW from Woodbridge home

Police say thieves have recently targeted homes in Colonia, Fords and Menlo Park.

Jim Murdoch

May 13, 2024, 10:38 PM

Updated 10 days ago


People looking to steal cars were back at it over the weekend, breaking into homes and targeting neighborhoods in Woodbridge Township.
One of those homeowners who didn’t want his name or face shown spoke exclusively with News 12 New Jersey. He says his barking dog scared off the men trying to get inside his house.
“The two criminals come down. You can see one of them is hiding a crowbar, the other is carrying it free loose and tried to get into my window, which is access to my house,” said the homeowner, who lives in the Colonia section of Woodbridge.
The men arrived around 3 a.m., according to the surveillance video. The homeowner says they were after his $100,000 BMW.
The homeowner says he is familiar with these types of home break-in incidents occurring around the state.
“Yes, 100%. News 12, on Instagram, TikTok, everything. It's all over the news,” he told News 12 reporter Jim Murdoch.
Police say thieves have targeted homes in Colonia, Fords and Menlo Park. Thieves broke into homes and did get away with one vehicle, according to police.
“It’s extremely terrifying. Somebody in the middle of the night, breaking a door or window to get into your house,” said Woodbridge Police Director Robert Hubner. “Juvenile justice. A lot of these actors are juveniles. There’s little or no consequences, and when you know that, what stops you from doing it?”
“We can’t be living in fear. You can’t be home sleeping, thinking you’re safe, and this thing happens. Something needs to get done,” said the homeowner.
The homeowner says he’s done with high-end cars after this terrifying experience.
“I want to get rid of my fancy car. I want to get rid of it. I don’t need to be a target. We are hardworking people. Why do I need to be a target?” he asked.
Police are warning the public to keep their key fobs out of their cars and to keep their vehicles locked, along with their home door and windows. Homeowners are also urged to keep their keys away from windows and out of view.
Anyone with information should call Woodbridge police.

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