Hoboken road crews continue to clear away snow as another storm looms

With more snow on the way for New Jersey on Thursday, there are many still trying to figure out what to do with all the snow that is already on the ground.
Hoboken Department of Public Works crews spent Tuesday tackling huge piles of snow. The city saw 23 inches of snow in February alone. Crews have been removing the large snow piles left from plows and have been depositing the snow in dumpsters.
“As we plow parking lots, we make piles of snow. So, you lose two [parking spots] instead of 30 spots. And when we have the chance, we come back and move the piles,” says Hoboken DPW supervisor James Davis.
Davis says that the department uses a payloader and smaller Bobcat to break up the piles of heavy snow and ice. The snow is dumped into a “roll-off truck” and carted away to an empty lot to melt. The crews are clearing snow away from main roads and side roads alike.
“During street cleaning routes, we also plow to open parking spaces – and that’s a little more difficult because of the narrowness of the streets and cars don’t move,” says Davis.
There have been some frustrations in Hoboken and other downs over the time it is taking to clear all the roads and parking lanes.
“We aren’t the only densely populated city. All cities are working hard to move snow and clear snow now,” says Hoboken Environmental Services director Jennifer Gonzalez. “We just need to work through it and it will take some time.”
Crews plan to have Washington Street cleared by Wednesday. They will continue to clear side streets of snow on street cleaning days.
Another snowstorm is expected to drop multiple inches of snow across New Jersey on Thursday.