Hillsborough puts stop to warehouse plan, land will be used for the public

A bid to build warehouses in Hillsborough was squashed by the township committee. Officials say the land will instead be developed into open spaces for the public.
The properties are among Amwell and Millstone River roads. They encompass about 30 acres in all. The new proposals for the land could include sports fields and public parks.
About 38% of the open land in town will now be protected against development.
“It’s quite a substantial commitment to the town for beautification, natural preservation and sustainability,” says Committee Member James Ruh. “Depending on which location we look at, there could be different usage. It could be multiple uses. At each location it could be different. There's a lot of options. That's the good part, we're not hemmed into one criterion.”
The next steps will come later this month when the township will have to propose a plan to actually buy the properties.