Dave’s Forecast: One more day of nice weather before storminess moves in

New Jersey will get one more day with stellar weather before conditions take a turn for the worse.

News 12 Staff

Sep 20, 2023, 9:14 AM

Updated 278 days ago


"Can it BE any more beautiful out?" - Chandler Bing
September sunshine continued today and that allowed the temperatures an opportunity to recover nicely from the comfortable chill that greeted us all this morning.
Normal morning lows are usually in the mid- to upper-50s. This morning, we found some readings around the state in the low-40s. Sandyston in Sussex County was a brisk 43 degrees. Randolph in Morris County woke up at 44 degrees, and the Pine Barrens of Ocean County saw lows dip to the 40s as well.
Sunshine had the temperatures recover nicely. Most of our neighborhoods made it to the low- and mid-70s. It really is/was, picture-perfect September weather.
New Jersey will get one more day with stellar weather. Then the weather will hit the atmospheric skids for the weekend.
So will it be a washout, or can we salvage any part of Saturday and Sunday? Well, Saturday doesn't look swell at all. Especially along the coast. Depending on this storm's exact path, 1-3 inches of rain is possible and winds could gust as high as 45 mph! That is our worst-case scenario. It looks to be a sleep-in late kinda Saturday morning. The intensity of the rainfall will wane during the afternoon, but showers will still be around.
Sunday morning still has wet weather pinging off the windows. By the afternoon, with forecasting fingers crossed, the showers begin to shut down. Overcast skies will limit any sunshine, but hopefully, we start to dry things out for the second half of Sunday afternoon. It doesn't look like the best weather situation for pumpkin or apple picking.
If you are planning on going to the Jets-Patriots game at MetLife Stadium, get there early. The parking lot will be wet. Lots of puddles to navigate making parking/tailgating possibly a bit tougher. The winds are from the northeast at 5-15 mph and the temperatures will be in the low-60s.
It's going to be raw. Like our chances of winning. ~sigh~

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