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'He missed him many times': North Bergen motel manager recalls moments when driver tried to run down man

Lincoln Motel manager Brian Arya says a driver tried to run down a man while the two were involved in a fight.

News 12 Staff

May 24, 2023, 8:16 PM

Updated 395 days ago


The manager of the Lincoln Tunnel Motel on Tonnelle Avenue recounted to News 12 a parking lot fight that he says led to a driver trying to run down another man.
Brian Arya says two cars sped into the parking lot, both drivers got out and a fight ensued. He says one of the drivers then attempted to run down the other man while he was still on foot.
"He missed him many times," says Arya. "He couldn't jump the curb. The guy was on the curb so he couldn't jump it."
North Bergen police were called to the scene.
Arya says one of the drivers tried to reverse his car and backed into a police cruiser.

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