‘Haters gonna hate.’ Yahoo names NJ ‘most hated state’ in the United States

New Jersey is No. 1 – the most hated state that is, according to writers at Yahoo! News.
Yahoo has devised that it called the “hatred index” to determine which state in America is the most hated. The index combined the percentage of each state’s population that has moved to other states, a poll by an amateur researcher asking Americans which state they hated the most, as well as other data.
Ironically, Yahoo! also named New Jersey the happiest state in the country just four days earlier. This was determined using unemployment and poverty rates, rates of depression and other happiness metrics.
Second happiest, but most hated. Maybe the other states are just jealous of all the happiness in the great Garden State.
News 12’s Brian Donohue says that the other states’ hatred is just fuel for fellow New Jerseyans. It’s what makes us tougher, stronger, funnier and craftier than other Americans.
As one New Jersey resident told Donohue, “Let them hate!”
Texas was named the second-most hated state. Idaho was the least-hated state.