Guide: Resources and learning tools for students

Here are some resources and learning tools for students.

Sandrina Rodrigues

Feb 7, 2023, 9:20 AM

Updated 521 days ago


Guide: Resources and learning tools for students
Are you looking for resources and learning tools to help your students achieve their goals?
Below are some tools students can use:

Connecticut’s Open Education Resources

GoOpenCT is a dynamic digital library and network. Here you can explore open education resources offered in Connecticut.

State of New Jersey Department of Education

The New Jersey Department of Education offers comprehensive and coordinated student support services here

New York State Education Department

The New York State Education Department features options and examples of technology and non-technology-based materials for students in this link.

Scholastic - Learning at home

Here you can find best book recommendations from the editors at Scholastic Classroom Magazines. You can also find strategies to improve reading, literacy tips and activities for kids. 

We Are Teachers

What better place to get help than straight from the source? Check out this list of easy, hands-on activities the whole family can do. But if you want your Amazon Alexa's help, you should check out these educational skills to try.

Amazing Educational Resources

Search by grade and categories to find resources from the teacher community. 


This website encourages movement and mindfulness at home with videos and games created by child development experts. Yep, it's free!


The folks at VT curated an entire list of education companies offering their services for free during the pandemic. These services are still available to students and parents - here’s the list. 

For Parents

Parents, you can learn too! Here are 500+ Ivy League courses you can take online right now, for free.

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