Group of teens forms human chain to save 2 young children from icy pond they plunged into while sledding

A group of teenage boys formed a human chain to save two young children from an icy pond they plunged into while sledding last week in Atlantic Highlands.
The incident happened Thursday after the big storm left seven inches of snow in northern Monmouth County. A first-time sledding adventure for 8-year-old Olivia and 4-year-old RJ ended up in a pond. 
“I was going down and you knew something was going to happen because you feel when something happens,” says Olivia.
Rj and Olivia's parents took them to Beacon Hill Country Club, and on the second pass down the hill on the inflatable sled, they ended up spinning backward, bounced off a tree, picked up speed on the ice, and went down a drop into a pond. Both of them fell into the icy mud and water.
"My parents were screaming,” says Olivia. “I couldn't [hear them scream], but I heard them a little. I saw them and they were like their mouths were open a lot and we went in the pond and then the boys saved us."
The group of teens jumped into the pond and pulled the kids out and took them back up the hill to their parents.
“They went straight into the pond,” says Kieran Foley, one of the boys involved in the rescue. “I didn't see anyone else doing anything. I hopped into the water, walked up, grabbed them, pulled them ashore and did the best I could to get them dry.”
Foley and his friends Ryan Day, Tyler Armagan, Joseph Dietrich, and Drew Scalice never thought twice about jumping into action.  
“I give Kieran all credit,” says Day. “He jumped in without hesitation. I went in after I took RJ, he handed me RJ, handed him back to shore. I was slipping trying to get up. Joseph Dietrich assisted me getting him to his mom.”
Parents Stephanie and Rich Heid ran down to the pond as the boys got the kids out of the water. 
“My wife reached out to them to say thank you, their parents to teach them the things they know made them the young men they are and obviously thank you,” says Rich. “Could have been a totally different holiday.”
The five teens, two whom are Boy Scouts, are all high school freshman from Middletown North. They said their training came into play, and they've already picked up a nickname in town -- the fab five heroes.