Gov. Murphy: 2nd wave of COVID-19 'coming in now' for New Jersey

Gov. Phil Murphy said Thursday that New Jersey should prepare itself for the second wave of COVID-19.
“The Second Wave of coronavirus is no longer something off in the future. It’s coming in now,” Murphy wrote on Twitter. “Double-down on the practices that helped us flatten the curve last spring – social distance, wash your hands, wear a mask.”
State health officials announced 1,477 new positive cases of the virus on Thursday, along with eight additional deaths. The officials said that the rate of transmission is holding at 1.25.
Hospitalizations are also on the rise, with 1,072 COVID-19 patients in all. There are 217 patients in the intensive care unit – the highest it has been since June, and there are 79 COVID-19 patients on ventilators.
The surge in coronavirus cases means that any plans to expand indoor dining beyond 25% capacity won’t be happening any time soon.
“I don’t say this with any glee by any means, and we’re trying to be as creative as humanly possibly with what we can do with our restaurants,” Murphy said. “We are in a holding pattern. I think it would be irresponsible to be otherwise right now.”
The surge may also change how Thanksgiving is celebrated this year. Murphy recommended leaving loved ones at long-term care facilities, rather than bringing them home for dinner.
“So, it gives me no joy to say you can’t bring mom or dad out of the nursing home. It gives me no joy to say you can’t have your normal Thanksgiving. You’ve got to boil it down,” Murphy said. “I would not take a loved one out of it. If it were my mom or data, had they still been living, I think It’s a mistake. I know that sounds callous, but we are in a tough spot right now.”
Despite teams going into hot spots and 33 pop-up testing centers set up in hard hit areas like Lakewood, the virus continues to spread at indoor private gatherings.
“It's people's private behavior behind the doors that we have a hard time getting to. Regulating or enforcing compliance, that feels like the fatigue is having the biggest impact,” Murphy said.
The governor also announced that there are new COVID-19 outbreaks in three New Jersey school districts, impacting 11 more students and staff members.
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Oct. 29, 2020 COVID-19 briefing

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